You must be thinking what Humanity Prevails, all is about. What’s the matter it’s concerned with? Well, Humanity Prevails started with likeminded people with ideology to gain the trust of people in humanitarianism and social goodwill. It’s an online community working on to promote the instances of Humanitarian acts & deeds, criticize inhumane acts, inspire people to help and serve the society while increasing the trust on themselves to do good and serve the society by social service as passion.

The Thing is today; quite a good number of populations are hooked up online due to work, news or social media. But there is a good population hooked up online that can be inspired, made aware enough to do well and also can be brought in with ideas that may change the minds of general public for good. Humanity prevails is for that, it’s a platform, an online community working not for profit but for the general goodwill of the society. With the same motto to regain trust in Humanitarianism and Social service, it has decided to bring up a Digital Magazine named – “INSANELY”.

So you must be thinking, what is that?
INSANELY, has one motto is the motto of Humanity Prevails. It believes that pen is mightier than the sword, but today in this digital age, the pen has taken the shape of Keyboard of Computers or Typing Pad/Screen of handheld devices for many. The similar condition is of the sword that is used to wage wars in this digital saga arising.

How can you contribute to INSANELY?
It’s very simple. You can simply write articles, poems, ground reports, or other forms of creative writing or sarcasm. Else who see aesthetic beauty in colours, may send photographs or painting, or so as contribution. Since Humanity Prevails is completely running on smallest expense possible so there is no idea if any printed form of magazine will come out in future which principally depends on situation, but yes, this project will be always not for profit for the service to the society.

Bishal Baishya
Chief Editor and Admin,

[email protected]